EA Forms Last Audited:  1/11/2014

Mutual of Omaha Forms

Form Number Revision Date

Form Name

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Internal Use
MUG6730-FS N/A WA Enrollment Form RA IA
LUGA1234 3/03 Application for Group Life Insurance RA IA
N/A N/A Life/AD & D Enrollment Form RA IA
N/A N/A Enrollment Form RA IA
N/A N/A  Voluntary Life Enrollment RA  
LUGA294 6/03 Application for Group Insurance - Disability RA IA
FS12222 8/12 Proof of Death Form (Life Claim) EA  
MUG6774 3/10 Group Benefit Service Application for Accidental Death Benefits RA  
MUG1710 3/10 Group LTD Claim (Mutual and United) RA  
UG2852 N/A United LTD Claim RA  
MUG6110A 3/29/10 STD Claim Form RA  
RPD539 N/A Designation of Beneficiary EA  
M20392 1/00 Employers Statement for Disability Benefits RA  
M20722 12/09 Attending Physicians Statement EA  
M20410 1/00  Policy Owner's Continuance of Disability Report RA  
MGA2005 12/11 Dental Claim EA  
MG350 8/03 Vision Claim RA  
MUG6582 N/A Employee Termination Report RA  
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